Beni cuff

In the summer of 2016 I volunteered weekly at the ER in Lewis Gale Hospital in Blacksburg, VA. I assisted the nurses and served the patients. I got insight into what medical devices are used and how the hospital operates. Later that year I used the insights for Beni cuff.

This is a disposable blood pressure cuff.

Healthcare providers around the nation are switching to disposable blood pressure cuffs.




will be thrown away every day if this trend continues.

Back up. Why are healthcare providers switching to environmentally damaging disposable blood pressure cuffs?

Blood pressure cuffs are easy to overlook when cleaning a room and have been identified as a risk for Hospital-Acquired Infections.


The average annual cost of HAIs per patient


The number of deaths per year due to HAIs




How can we create a safer, more sustainable blood pressure cuff?

initial concepts

recylable single-use cuff

84,679 / day

washable cover

84,679 / year

No more Cradle to Cradle banned materials.

medical-grade TPE

Reworx cotton


non-woven polyester

A different color for every size makes it easy for nurses to find the correct size.

Materials easily separate for recycling.

Beni has the potential to keep 30,907,835 disposable blood pressure cuffs out of our landfills every year.


30,907,835 cuffs

per year is like

hospital rooms full

Beni cuff reduces hospital waste and

the risk of HAIs.

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