Since 2016 I have been guided by Professor Ellen Braaten on an independent study focused on the foot of a pot. With these slab constructions I explore how the foot connects to the table and how it can support the 'body' of a pot.

Footed bowls


I created these simple slab constructed bowls to find my way with the material.

Androgynous vases


Prompted by my professor, I studied the work of Hans Coper and came to this form. I created iterations in clay that were not fired to hone the proportions, and finally these were made.

Pattern studies


I created these flat plates with a pill-shaped foot to practice using underglazes. While studying in the Netherlands for a semester, I discovered the Dutch textile brand Vlisco that uses rich geometric patterns. I referenced the textiles while creating these patterns.

Androgynous vases, continued


Using templates made from a Solidworks model, I created identical vases to experiment with glaze and surface decoration. I explored how glaze can change visual proportion, how it can emphasize verticality of the pot, how it overlaps, and how decoration can celebrate the connection of cylinders to the body.

Teardrop bowl with foot


A slab constructed bowl with foot exploring balance.

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