Gentle ECG

As an intern at the medical design firm Key Tech, I was given the opportunity to do a self-directed project. I worked with engineers and designers to determine an area of opportunity in neonatal vital signs monitoring. I led a brainstorm to generate concepts and used Key Tech connections with the medical community to validate the project direction



ECG lines are difficult to manage and can be dangerous.

The skin of neonates is delicate and can be damaged by adhesive on the electrodes.

“This is certainly a problem.” validated Karen, a neonatal nurse.

Nurses do their best to be careful with where they place the leads, but it’s ultimately a guess, said Karen.

In a Philips Research Group study it is validated that a capacitive sensor can monitor ECG with high accuracy.


This presents an opportunity for an adhesive-free and reusable ECG solution.

"I would be happy to use this, it's much better than the adhesives."


I presented the first iteration of this project to a neonatal nurse, Deborah, and gained deeper insights about scaling, adjustability, cleanability, and how she would use the device.

first iteration!

velcro adjustable

PP spunbond non-woven fabric

multiple sizes,


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