People in their early twenties move around a lot, which makes it difficult to buy furniture. Also, as a fourth year I realized I was spending a lot of time on my computer and not enough time making stuff with my hands. With this project I wanted to improve my woodshop skills and make something by hand, for the love of books!


Liam is 24 years old.


Liam has not settled down. He has moved from his hometown, to college, to an internship, to grad school and to his first job. He has bought furniture from IKEA because it is inexpensive but it ends up being difficult to move once it is assembled.

Få material från Lowes.


Get materials from Lowes.




Klipplängd och bredd på hyllorna. Knulla!


Cut length and width of shelves. Fuck!




Gå tillbaka till Lowes och köp ett annat ark av




Go back to Lowes and buy another sheet of


birch plywood.



Klipp längd och bredd och försök att inte krossa


den här gången.


Cut length and width and try not to mess up.



Laminatplywood för att göra hyllor. Dado hyllor.


Laminate plywood to make shelves. Dado shelves.



Klipp korshållare. Klipp fog för korshållare.


Cut cross braces. Cut joint for cross braces.



Gör jig för att hålla ben på dado såg.


Make jig to hold leg on dado saw.



Dado toppfog för benen. Kasta en upp.


Dado top joint for legs. Mess one up.



Gå tillbaka till Lowes för tredje gången denna


vecka. Köp en annan dowel.


Go back to Lowes for the third time this week.


Buy another dowel.



Dado ny dowel, nervös den här gången, men




Dado new dowel, nervous this time, but





Mullfog för bottenhyllor. Fyrkantigt för


bottenhyllor med rullsåg.


Mill joint for bottom shelves. Square joint for


bottom shelves with scroll saw.



Borra cirkeldetaljer på hyllor. Använd router för att


skapa filé på hyllor.


Drill circle detail on shelves. Use router to create fillet on





Sandkorsspännbågar för att passa fogar på


benen. Sand hyllor.


Sand cross braces to fit joints on legs. Sand shelves.



Montera. Fira med köttbullar.


Assemble. Celebrate with Swedish meatballs.

This is Koenraad.

Koenraad flat packs and can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Make a new place feel like home.

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