Studio Collective

In my first year at Virginia Tech I founded a student organization and publication called Studio Collective that is now the official design journal of the School of Architecture + Design.

It is a forum to discuss design in every medium: musicians, farmers, and crafts people are interviewed along with architects and designers.

We discuss complex topics in unpretentious language. The publication, an ambitiously dense 120-page journal that is released twice a year, reflects our island in Appalachia. Starting Studio Collective taught me the power of an idea: if an idea resonates with people they will come together to realize it.

As president of the organization for its first two years, it was my responsibility to ensure everything ran smoothly with the journal and that everyone on the team was stress-free and communicating well.



I also contributed photography, graphic design, and layout design for the journal. We started with a team of twelve and over the years have grown to over fifty students from diverse backgrounds and numerous academic disciplines.

Designing and operating this organization taught me about collaborating with many team members to meet a hard deadline and produce a final, physical product with a high level of detail and care. Studio Collective continues today with new leadership, and its tenth volume is in progress.

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